Apple Repair Services

Get professional Apple repair services at cutting-edge rates!

apple repair services

We service and repair Apple products including: Mac, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPad Pro and more.
We have the professional ability to offer extensive support on both warranty and out-of-warranty Apple devices.

Mac & MacBook Repair

  • Replace Broken MacBook Screen

    We can replace the broken screen in your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

  • Battery Replacement

    Don’t buy a new MacBook if your battery doesn’t last as long as it used to! Get a new battery installed by us instead.

  • MacBook Keyboard Replacement

    Keys stopped working? We can replace the keyboard on your MacBook.

  • Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade

    If you just need more space, call us or stop by to discuss your options with upgrades without changing your device.

  • Older MacBook Pro or Mac mini SSD upgrade

    Does your older Mac take forever to boot up? Make your older MacBook Pro or your Mac mini almost as fast as a new Mac for a fraction of the price of buying new!

iPhone Repair

  • iPhone Screen Repair

    Fix your iPhone’s cracked screen and make it as good as new again! We offer the industry’s best lifetime warranty with all screen repairs.

  • iPhone Back Glass Replacement

    Broken back glass? We can replace your back glass with a new frame. The new frame will not have a logo.

  • iPhone Battery Replacement

    We can replace batteries in 30 minutes! We offer a 6-month warranty on all battery replacements. We can also test your current battery for free to see if there’s an issue with it.

  • iPhone Charging Port Replacement

    Often we can clean out your charging port, which fixes issues for free. If a cleaning fails to fix the issue, we can replace your charging port.

  • iPhone Camera Replacement

    We can replace both the front and back cameras, as well as the camera glass that covers your rear camera.

iPad Repair

  • Repair iPad Cracked Screen

    Fix your iPad’s cracked screen!

  • Replace iPad Battery

    iPad no longer holding a charge? Running slowly? We can fix this issue with a new battery for your iPad.

  • Replace or Clean iPad Charging Port

    Sometimes we can clean out your iPad’s charging port for free. If that doesn’t work, we can replace your iPad’s charge port.

  • Other iPad Repairs

    Other issues with your iPad? Bring it in and we can diagnose.

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